Sneak Peak for A Marketing Want/Need!

Would you like to have a customized Newsletter template that you can print easily and send out or drop off to your clients? Well we have made that happen! Check out the sneak peak of what is coming, and we will give you all information at our First Tuesday Meeting of September (Sept. 2nd!) So don’t miss it!!Sneak Peak_Page_1Sneak Peak_Page_2 


Video from Dotloop in Updates to our Review Stages

I wanted to post a video of some new updates that Dotloop has made in our transactions that will make our lives easier for File Submission, and Reviews. This does NOT change what we have been speaking and training to all month in our “Self Help” meetings for compliance review checks, I think it enhances it! When you have 15 minutes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to watch this directional video so that you know how to operate with these changes.

Self Help Meeting for July 24th

“Self Help” Mtg attendees for this Thursday (tomorrow)session! I heartily apologize because we find that we must reschedule this for next Tuesday at 1:30. We goofed on our calendar dates and the entire leadership team is either on vacation, teaching, or in learning sessions themselves. Luckily I figured this out BEFORE you were all sitting there tomorrow at 1:30! I have NO idea how we missed this, but doggone it, we did. And again, I apologize to you. We are SO appreciative that so many of you had felt committed enough to your excellence that you signed up. We will have it at 1:30 on Tuesday following our 5th week Luau Luncheon in Midtown and will look forward to spending time together. — at Keller Williams Realty-Metro Tulsa.

Market Leader is Doing an Update to your My Contacts of eEdge – Action NEEDED by YOU!!!

Heads Up KWRA!! Some of you may have already heard from Market Leader, they are our vendor that powers most of eEdge. Market Leader will be upgrading to version 2.0. When they do, it will wipe out your “Groups” within your “My Contacts” section of eEdge. This process will start June 30th, so ANY groups and contacts you have in eEdge you need to export so you don’t lose any of your contacts. When the transition is complete I will do instructions to import them back in.Follow these instructions below.
**Log into
**go to the “My Contacts” section of eEdge, click on the blue link to get to the back dashboard.
**Once here, under the “Contacts” section navigate to “Import/Export” which is the last option.
**Click on the “Export” tab.
**You will have the option of selecting your groups in this area
**Then what status(hint: most of you will have the status under “Active”, but just in case to save all contacts, select “ALL”)
**Then Select Export!

I have included a video link for the steps above.

If you have never set up a group for all contacts in your management system, please follow this video link, just a few more steps, but doable.

If you have any questions, please let us know!!