Dotloop Royalty for Compliance Standards Met!

If you were not at our Tuesday meeting you missed out on our Dotloop Royalty Winners for the month of August! As you know all of our agents came to our Required Self Help courses in July 2014. Based on those who attended, we have been keeping an eye out for who has taken the information and put it to use in their business and file submissions. Congrats to Sarah Reynolds and Shaun Kennedy of Reynolds/Kennedy Team!! We appreciate you so much! Here to accept the award in their places was Brenda Brenda Walton Puckett and Royce Ellington, it was a very regal event!

For those who want to know what the standards are for turning in their files in Dotloop, from wherever you start it (Paper copy, Zipforms, or Dotloop). Here is our handy policy with step by step instructions, and video links for the steps. We want to see all of you in our Dotloop Royalty pics, so let’s get on purpose!

If your file starts out with Paper:


If your File Starts in Zipforms:

If your files starts out in dotloop:

If I have Missing or Updated Documents to Submit:

KWMCI_Kwra_Dotloop_File_Submission_Procedures_20140903T160342 (1)IMG_3649


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