Clarification for new KW Email Information

KWRA Peop’s! I have heard that many of you are having trouble with the KW Email Instructions for accessing/syncing your account with our email being moved to GMAIL host server, here are some tips that hopefully will be easier to follow.

1. You do not have to change your KW email account, by “VERIFYING” all that KWRI means is that do you know what your email address is. By “VERIFYING” your password do you know what that is? (hint, a lot of the time it is the same password that you log into with) 
2. If you know your email address, and password, you can now access your KW email by going to, and entering in your full KW email address and your password. You will simply be using a GMAIL interface now for your KW email. I know kind of confusing, but just know it is going to be SOOOOO much better.
3. If you do not know your KW email address or password, just log into, and pull down your “Technology” menu, and go to KW Email. Select the RESET PASSWORD OR UPDATE option. Once in this area, you can A. see what your email address is, AND B. you can choose to “SYNC” the password for your site to be that for your email, or C. you can actually designate a password that you would like in this area. Either way you go, just give the system about 5 minutes before trying to log into your email account. 
4. If you are syncing your account with Microsoft Outlook, you most likely have it set up now as a POP3 email account, if so, you must go into your account settings, and delete your existing KW email account, and re-add as an IMAP account using the attached directions. NOTE: If you are set up in the Midtown office, our server does not like the SSL authentication that must be used, so here are the “ADVANCED” settings you must use to set up your account. 



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