Important Update Re: KW/Google Email


It’s extremely important to take five minutes to log in to your KW Google email account to prevent time lost on Monday. New email isn’t flowing to your new Gmail account yet, but there are steps you must take to ensure a seamless transition.

Please post this to your market center and social media channels AND forward this email to your associates:

1. Confirm your username and password.

You need your email and your myKW password to access your KW Google account.
– Confirm your email account. click here.
– Confirm your myKW password, click here.

2. Log in to KW Email Powered by Google

– Type your email in the username field.
– Type your myKW password in the password field.

3. Sync your email to your mobile device

Android: Watch How | Read How
Apple: Watch How | Read How

4. Want to continue to use Outlook?

To use Outlook for your email and calendar needs, you’ll need to connect your KW Google account to Outlook. Watch How | Read How

5. What if I forward my email?

If you forward your KW Webmail to a third party provider, you don’t need to do anything UNLESS you’d like to start using your new KW Email Powered by Google account. In that case you’ll follow these instructions.

To learn more about Monday’s launch or your new Google Apps for Business features, click here. 

We look forward to providing each of our 90,000 Keller Williams businesses a fully customizable, completely mobile email experience that’s as innovative and as unique as each of you.

Yours in innovation,

KW Technology Team


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