Important Message About City of Tulsa and Your SIGNS!!!! Please READ

We were visited on Friday by a City of Tulsa representative regarding signage placed on public right of ways in the city. This means yard signs, corex signs, etc. The city has now made it to where this is considered a: 

CRIME/Misdemeanor and it is punishable by a $500 fine and/or 90 days in jail. A person who posts illegal signs may be charged with a crime and ordered to appear in court. Upon conviction, a judge will determine the penalty.

Now, that last statement comes strait from the handout we were given. This action with the city is not news to us, we were alerted in 2008 about the signage in public right of ways, and have had a sign policy in place with our company since then that I have attached for review. The city has been lenient up until this point, but now if found guilty the Broker/Associate will be committing a crime if this is ignored. Please take this seriously. You cannot put your “For Sale Signs”, and “Corex For Sale Signs” anywhere other than in front of the home. I did ask about “Open House Signs” being place for a period of 2 hours. The city representative said that they do not work on the weekends, and as long as they are picked back up immediately  following the Open House, then it should not be a problem. We will go over this in our Tuesday Sales meeting tomorrow so please plan on attending.  See our current policy below.



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