Important Message from Susan for Kara Folkins

I am organizing a meal “support” system for Kara Folkins. Her sister in law, Claire, is now at home w Hospice and in the latter stage of her cancer. Kara is hosting all meals for guests and other family members these last days.
Food needs to be healthy and low carb to serve diabetic purposes.
Please let me know if you can help this week and I will assign the day and delivery. You will deliver to Kara’s home and she will handle from there.
I appreciate your help!
FYI For those of you w us for a long time, this is Ginger Gibson’s sister as well.

Wait is a Meal Train?

There are times in our lives when friends and family ask, “What can I do to help out?” The answer is usually to help them with a meal. When many friends give a meal, this is a meal train.
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A Meal Train has been created for Gordon and Kara Folkins. meal Train simplifies…See More

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