My Transactions Automatic Update

Hello KWRA! As I am sure you have heard our new eEdge My Transactions has been released. Now, for something you may not know, because of the ease of utilizing the new version, and going back to the classic view if so inclined, KWRI has made the decision to automatically upgrade all agents to the new version starting on June 17th, 2013.
At this point our staff has not been able to upgrade their accounts to the new version, because in doing so we would automatically upgrade all in our office. Today we are reaching out to communicate to you that we will be upgrading our accounts by Thursday of this week, so that we may have time to start using the new system, and help you with any questions. 

Don’t freak out if you log in to your “My Transactions” on Thursday and find a new screen you have no idea what to do with 🙂 Simply follow these few steps to get back to your classic view, and come to our Friday sessions on EEdge to learn more this month!!

Remember Carolyn Thompson is still available for one on one sessions as a paid coach in this area so don’t be afraid to reach out if you feel you need it.Image


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