Answers to Questions Asked at eEdge My Transactions on 6/7/2013

Good Afternoon! As Promised, here is our Q & A from our New My Transaction class held on 6/7/2013

1.       Can an agent still email to their loop in the new system?

      An agent will still be able to use the upload via email feature in the new version. At the moment the emailed documents still go to the old version until the new version has been full switched over in everyones account.

2.       On some of our form templates we had the option to put a Red X on areas that we did not want our buyer to complete or sign, is that function still available?

The red X feature is no longer there. We do have the exact same feature of leaving a signature or initial spot un assigned in the document. This will not allow anyone to electronically sign in that spot.

3.       How do we guard against Fraud with the new system? Although I love the fact that it is much easier .

Your clients still need to login to their email to access the documents.  The great thing about the new dotloop is your client is able to access the document first before they are prompted to setup a password.  Right after they sign the first document they are then prompted to setup a password so they can go back and access their documents for reference.


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