Tuesday mtg topic was “texting.” It once was, before email and before texting, we had the discernment to withhold at least some of what pops into our head and not allow it to come out of our mouths. Not so much anymore. It would
seem that it has become the new norm to throw caution to the wind and converse “privately” over text. Privately? Really? Consider this;

What if you send a text venting about a client and u send to client in error?

What if you are bashing the other agent ( not nice) and you mistakenly send to that agent?

You are thinking “does this really happen?” YES YES YES

These are just a couple of examples. I could go on and on.

Bottom line. Any text or email can be used against you. Be prudent with the words you use. Ask yourself this when you feel an “ugly” moment coming over you. ” What does it look like to take the high road?”

And so it goes……until next time



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