Red day approaching! What is Red Day?!

We are closing in on our project at the Riverview Apartments!!!! We had a couple of people say they had PAINT SPRAYERS – if you do have a paint sprayer we can use on the wall and the WIND is not blowing – can you let me know and we will plan to use them.
THA is wire brushing the playground equipment and priming them so we will be good to paint them Thursday!!!
Still looking for about 20 more volunteers to help and EVERYONE should plan on attending the KICK OFF with Sherry Lewis atLafortune Park starting at 7:30. Breakfast is provided. Once done at Lafortune, we will move over to the Riverview Apartments atWest 23rd St and Jackson (that is just across the Arkansas River on 21st which turns into 23rd).
So the Corporate office knows what to expect for breakfast, please sign up at the front desk for the KICK OFF – even if you have already signed up to work the event – it is a different sign-up!!!



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