• Educate buyers about current market – 7 months supply of inventory
  • They will lose houses if they don’t make strong offers
  • Education from beginning
  • Buyer consultation – DO ONE!
  • We are the Pro and we know!
  • Share experience/stories
  • TESTIMONIALS – get them! Ideas? Video?
  • Buyer Consultation; C I T O = Come In To Office
  • Our current market is like “EBAY market” for buyers – must make strong offers!
  • How to Shower Fewer Houses?
    • explain to them that they can find their home in just viewing X amount of houses.
    • after X amount of showings  and no luck – reevaluate “needs”.
    • Agent takes the blame as “I must not know what you need, let’s re-evaluate”
  • Setting expectations on TRR’s:
    • “what’s most important to you”
    • items to be in “normal” working order” -not brand new
    • get EGO OUT!
  • Keeping co-brokers in timelines/contract
    • go back to contract
    • must be in writing or it didn’t happen
    • DOCUMENT everything!
  • Buyers/Lenders holding off on Appraisals for inspections to be done
    • Contract says “proceed diligently”
    • Buyer agrees to order & have appraisal performed within 72 hours– add into contract
  • Buyer Broker Agreement
    • get at time of consultation
    • it’s Loyalty for Loyalty
    • educate them on How/When we get paid

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